If you’d like to try an alternative to classic porcelain, then Tonda is the perfect complement to your home.


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    Our motivation

    Rituals make us happy, happiness means joy, joy is emotion. Nothing makes us happier than making daily rituals even more special. EIGENART wants to perfect these special moments with lovingly designed accessories, deepen rituals and emotions and make enjoyment perceptible through new surface haptics.

    "The secret of happiness is not in possession, but in giving. Those who make others happy becomes happy"

    André Gide

    Quality and

    Creative products and a sensitive feeling for the needs of our customers. Business courage and committed employees. We put all our dedication and unrestricted creativity into each of our products.

    "so that the everyday becomes the special and visions become reality. EIGENART IS PURE EMOTION AND DESIGN".

    Thomas Birgel (Art Director)

    Team Spirit

    With our small, well-coordinated team and a fine selection of hand-picked designers, we have been constantly on the search for almost two decades to explore new possibilities for innovation, to develop new ways of thinking and to create forward-looking products for our customers that are well above any trend and set the trends in the long term.


    In 2003, we at Brussels Steel fell in love with the idea of giving cans a new look. Our tinplate expertise flowed into unconventional can shapes. Within a short period of time, EIGENART established itself as a market leader and not forgetting a role model in the field of cans due to its novel, fresh design.


    Constantly developing new ideas, designs and materials. Sustainability has always been the driving force behind EIGENART and so, after tinplate, porcelain and glass, in stainless steel we have found a further material for the implementation of our ideas.


    The enormous positive feedback on our products is our driving force - nevertheless:
    Customer satisfaction is our top priority! For us, this means not only setting new trends every year, but above all acting for and with our customers. For us, promptness and close cooperation are the basic conditions for a stable business relationship. Our long-standing customers are our best evidence!


    Private Label - products individually manufactured for you and branded with your name. In addition to our annual collection, we also offer products specially made to meet customer needs as PRIVATE LABEL. Put your own stamp on EIGENART products or develop your very own creations with us. Almost anything is possible - just contact us!


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