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    Eigenart Forest

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    Our Commitment

    "Climate protection and the responsible use of natural ressources are part of my daily routine as a father," so Marc Brüssel, Managing Director of EIGENART, is setting further signs for climate protection and started the project "Unternehmerwald im Königsforst" (Entrepreneurial Forest in the Königsforst) at the company's headquarters in the Bergisches Land region in 2019 with an initial planting campaign of around 2,000 trees per year.

    Tree death

    When the company settled in the industrial estate in 2015, the company grounds were still largely surrounded by forest. Due to tree death in recent years, worsened by the storm damage, large areas are now almostThe poor general condition of the remaining trees already indicates that the next strong wind will also have a considerable impact on the remaining spruce trees.

    Reforested areas-
    first steps

    EIGENART has made a contractual commitment to the state of North Rhine-Westphalia to reforest an 8 ha area in cooperation with the Landesbetrieb Wald und Holz Nordrhein-Westfalen. The aim is to create a valuable habitat for animals and plants again and to compensate for the CO2 emissions.

    "We see climate protection as probably the greatest challenge facing humanity and would like to set an example with our commitment and also motivate other companies and private individuals to stand up for the local forest and nature and to take on forest sponsorships," says Marc Brüssel. In addition to the costs for tree planting, which are borne entirely by the company, customers and suppliers of EIGENART are also motivated to participate in reforestation and to increase the ecological diversity in the forest with young trees. For example, the company offers that customers can forego discounts on orders and instead participate in the planting of one or more trees. Special customer promotions are also planned, in which EIGENART will pay 50% of the cost of each tree sponsored by a customer. EIGENART employees also participate in the reforestation. The freshly planted native deciduous trees will thus gradually replace the trees that did not survive the long dry spells of recent years. 121 Would you like to learn more about the EIGENART forest? Take a look at our blog

    Our eigenart forest

    "Many of our customers are happy to accept the tree-planting promotion in lieu of a discount."

    Ruth Bode

    "I simply gave a friend 4 "own" trees instead of flowers. She thought it was great!

    Julie Z.

    "During an appointment at EIGENART, we took a look at the forest - a great project. Here, it's not just talk, but everything is translated into action".

    Benjamin T.


    + - Which trees are planted?

    Native deciduous trees are planted in the EIGENART forest. Up to now, these have mainly been copper beeches and bird cherries. Furthermore, hornbeams, limes or oaks are well suited for our area.

    + - Will the trees be fed into the timber industry?

    No. Even though the trees will be big enough - they are in the nature reserve. Access to the EIGENART forest is also not allowed after the planting campaign in spring. The area is supposed to recultivate undisturbed.

    + - Where do the seedlings come from?

    From certified nurseries in NRW. It makes sense to use seedlings from the local area, as they are used to and adapted to the conditions of the soil, weather, etc.

    + - With whom Eigenart works together?

    EIGENART cooperates with the Regional Forestry Office Rhein-Sieg-Erft Landesbetrieb Wald & Holz NRW. Further information on the forests in NRW can also be found at: www.waldinfo.nrw.de