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    ICE-COLD BREW – Tea with a difference

    OK, yes, we’ve worked through the topic of “cold brew” enough. Wrong!

    When it comes to tea, there are also a few delicious recipes that can be prepared perfectly in the EVE. The advantages of this method of preparation cannot be denied: the bitter substances are only slightly dissolved, which keeps many not-so-experienced tea drinkers away from green tea, e.g. if you exceed the infusion time and wonder who the hell drinks such things.

    That can’t happen here:

    The strainer of the EVE is filled with one and a half tablespoons of green tea as well as a good 2 tablespoons of mint (dried). Fill with cold water up to the top of the cuff and leave at room temperature for 8 hours or overnight. Remove the strainer and add the juice of one lemon. Sweeten with elderflower syrup and/or acacia honey. Chill. To serve, add a sprig of fresh mint to the carafe, get the EVE ICE COOLER out of the freezer and pop it in! This recipe can of course be varied at will on the basis of the green tea, there are no limits to your imagination and taste.

    We look forward to your recipe ideas. We would like to publish the best ones on our Facebook page and Instagram account.

    Have fun trying it out!

    Your Ruth Bode
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