If you’d like to try an alternative to classic porcelain, then Tonda is the perfect complement to your home.


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    + Where are Eigenart products made?

    Our products are manufactured in small factories in Asia, which are visited by our team several times a year. With some partners we work together for more than 20 years and they produce exclusively for us.

    + Wie sind die Produktionsbedingungen?

    We are aware of our responsibility towards

    We are absolutely aware of our responsibility towards our suppliers and their employees. Several times a year, on-site visits take place and we spend several days in the production facilities, have lunch together with the workers and make sure that everything is as we would like it to be. Over the years, many friendships have been formed.

    + Warum kosten Eigenart Produkte so viel wie sie kosten?


    Even though some production steps can be taken over by machines, a lot of manual work is still required. For example, the decorations on our TEAEVE® cups are applied by hand!

    We also use only the best materials so that you and your customers can enjoy our products for as long as possible.

    + Was unterscheidet Eigenart Produkte von anderen Herstellern?

    We love details. We love beauty. For many of our products, we work with particularly elaborate lacquering, embossing and special coatings that still hold surprises when you take a second look.

    Have you ever touched a metal box that you would like to never take out of your hands again? Let us surprise you!

    + In welche Länder liefern Sie?

    We don’t want to sound arrogant, but there are few countries to which we have not yet delivered. Thanks to our many years of experience in the export business, we are able to serve any destination at short notice.

    Export licences are already available for many countries or can be applied for in the near future. Documents such as certificates of origin, certified invoices or export declarations are prepared by us quickly.

    + Wie schnell können Sie liefern?

    Depending on the payment method, we can prepare immediately available goods for dispatch within 24 hours. The standard delivery time with DHL is 24-48 hours within Germany.

    That’s not fast enough for you? For particularly urgent orders, we will of course arrange for next-day delivery (for an additional charge).

    Please contact us! We will do everything to ensure that your goods reach you on time.

    + Wie hoch sind die Versandkosten?

    Within Germany, we deliver free of charge from a net order value of € 500.00. Below that, parcel prices of € 7.90 per parcel usually apply, as well as a packaging flat rate of € 4.95 for each order.

    For deliveries abroad, we will be happy to provide you with the prices on request.

    + Wie werden die Bestellungen geliefert?

    After the order is received, the goods are picked and packed into large shipping boxes (80x80x60cm), which may weigh up to 31kg. The package is then shipped with our partner DHL.

    For larger orders, the products are securely packed on pallets, automatically wrapped in foil and transported by freight forwarder.

    + Sind Eigenart Produkte lebensmittelecht?

    Yes, all products are regularly tested by independent laboratories and comply with current regulations and laws

    + Kann ich kostenlose Muster erhalten?

    YESANDNO! We charge for the samples and their shipping costs. Should you subsequently decide to buy our products, we will of course credit you back the amount of the sample shipment.

    + Können wir auch Produkte für Ihr Unternehmen herstellen?

    We can produce all box shapes for you. Whether round, square, oval or other creative shapes. We have also been familiar with the materials porcelain, glass and paper for many years and can design them entirely according to your wishes.

    + Welche Stückzahlen sind nötig?

    Of course, this depends on the size of the can. Normally, the larger a product is, the smaller the print run. We produce our standard 100g size from just 3000 pieces. Or would you like a TEAEVE® or FLOWTEA® in your own design? Here we already start from 1,500 pieces.

    + Wie ist der Ablauf bei einer “Private Label“ Produktion?

    After we have found out in conversation with you what requirements are placed on us and after the order has been placed by you, we begin with the printing and construction of a release sample. If this does not suit you, you still have the opportunity to make changes at this point. After the final approval, mass production is then started.

    The goods are shipped in overseas containers from Asia to Rotterdam and then delivered by truck to our own warehouse in Bergisch Gladbach near Cologne. For complex productions we also have the possibility to provide a 3D animation of your product, or a prototype in plastic, before we build the necessary tooling for the production. You will then receive the actual release sample for mass production.

    + Welche Veredelungsmöglichkeiten gibt es bei Weißblechdosen?
    • Printing (matt or glossy)
    • Imprints
    • Soft-touch surfaces
    • Frost varnish (crackle finish)
    • Writable surfaces
    • .

    • Inlays
    • Various closure techniques such as twist locks, hinged lids or clamps
    • .

    + Welche Veredelungsmöglichkeiten gibt es bei Eigenart-Porzellan?
    • Imprints
    • Raise-effect (structure printing)
    • Imprinting
    • Matt/glossy print
    + Sind Ersatzteile lieferbar?

    Yes, we have spare parts in stock for most products. Please contact us!

    + Welchen zusätzlichen Service bietet Eigenart?
    • Picking: We pick your goods and deliver them on the desired date.
    • Storage: We store your goods with us and deliver them on demand.