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    Making cold coffee – why?

    You can’t be “hip” enough these days. Before you’ve looked up the trend in question on social media, it’s probably already “out” again. Nevertheless, I couldn’t help but take a closer look at the current “dernier cri”:

    COLD BREW COFFEE. Cold brew coffee. Of course, you could just let the conventionally brewed coffee go cold, but that would probably knock the baristi of this world out of their polished Budapesters. Of course, #coldbrewcoffee is supposed to taste completely different! For example, it is supposed to lack most of the bitter substances, which makes it more digestible. But as a self-confessed coffee addict, that’s not so important to me; curiosity about the magic potion is the main thing here. So here goes:

    In my “must have” hand grinder, I ground the coffee beans very coarsely – to about the size of dried lentils – with much whining. Then off into the sieve of my beautiful EVE.

    The whole thing was then filled up to the brim with cold, soft, filtered water. That was about one litre. Now it was time to wait and drink tea, because the coffee wasn’t ready yet. The recommendations of the Cold Brew Coffee geeks are at least 12, at most 16 hours of brewing time at room temperature. Miss Impatience didn’t find the result satisfactory after 11 hours 45 minutes, so another good hour was added. Take out the sieve, squeeze the coffee a little more (by the way, you can then fill up the pot again with water to 1 litre, but I didn’t do that).

    There are a lot of suggestions like this on the net, including some really, really interesting ones.

    Conclusion: the coffee really does taste different from “normal coffee that has gone cold”. Above all, it should be possible to store it for up to a week and even heat it up in the microwave without any loss of flavour. I’m now a bit hooked and open to all experiments, maybe I’ll see the point of this way of making coffee after all, and besides, my EVE is just as keen to experiment as I am. It was always fun! And for those who want to know: by the way, I used a coffee in a black bag with a big monkey on it.

    Yours, Ruth Bode
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