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    CASE - tin boxes
    for every purpose and taste

    Tin boxes in different shapes, sizes and for every space and style.

    • Shapes: round, square, chest-shaped, round corners, flat or domed lids and many more.
    • Flavour closures: Inner lid, twist lid, swing lid, hinged lid
    • Sizes: 25-3000 g

    They all have one thing in common: high-quality material, the best workmanship and incomparable designs: from classic, to colourful and bold, to stylish and beautiful.

    Tinplate of the highest quality and most beautiful shape

    Qualitative tinplate, makes the joy of the tin last “forever”.
    The tin boxes from EIGENART are particularly dimensionally stable thanks to the use of high-quality tinplate. The thickness of the tinplate is higher than that of most tins from other manufacturers.
    Sustainable: Tinplate is 100% recyclable.

    Tin box without annoying external rolling: perfected by EIGENART for an all-round pleasant touch.
    Attention to detail: Not only the visible area shows our design, no, even the bottom is printed in the matching pattern.
    For different types of tin boxes: Different lids ensure aroma-safe storage.

    Or would you prefer to realise your own style?

    Your logo, your shape and colours?

    Our private label range is as diverse as your ideas.

    Together we will find the best for you.

    Each tin box is special: Visually and haptically

    • Special haptic experiences through embossing and special lacquers
    • Different lacquer techniques and types: soft touch or frost lacquer enhance the design
    • Gold or silver effects as small eye-catchers in filigree patterns or as shiny surfaces set highlights in the design
    • Matt and shiny surfaces that stand alone or unite in one design
    • Various closure techniques such as twist closures, hinged lids or clamping brackets, matching the respective can type


    Besides the soft-touch lacquer, which feels like fine velvet, the frost lacquer is something special that makes the tin glitter.
    The combination of glossy and matt surfaces is pleasing to the eye.
    Different embossing depths or lacquer effects make the tins a haptic experience.

    LOVE YOUR RITUALS – Discover them over and over again
    Every year a new collection

    FAQ - More about CASE tinplate cans

    + - What is the best way to clean the CASE tin boxes after use?
    The CASE tins are made of tinplate and are therefore not dishwasher-safe, as the quantities of rinsing water can cause them to rust. It is best to clean the CASE tins with slightly lukewarm water CASE. Make sure they are completely dry before closing the lid again.
    + - What can I put in the CASE tin boxes without any problems?

    As all CASE tin boxes are made of tinplate, only dry contents may be stored in the cans, as tinplate is susceptible to corrosion and can rust when moisture-secreting contents are stored.

    Do you have any questions?