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    The EVE is a teapot for every day. Its filter was specially developed for optimal tea preparation. Even the finest ground coffee does not slip through the fine sieve of the EVE.

    The EVE can do much more: infused water, cold brew, homemade lemonade or white wine spritzer. With the ICE-COOLER, your chic carafe cools refreshing drinks without watering them down!

    The every-day product

    Tea or coffee in the morning, fruit spritzers or infused water during the day, wine spritzers or cocktails in the evening. The EVE never has to be kept in the cupboard – except in summer, when it goes into the fridge, where it fits perfectly into the inner door.

    Perfect brewing

    The optimal filter properties of the EVE’s stainless steel strainer ensure great tea and coffee experience. The large sieve surface with more than 48,000 laser-perforated holes brew fine teas or coffees perfectly.

    Glaskaraffe mit Sieb für Tee, Kaffee, Limonaden, Infused Water, Eistee, Ice Tea von eigenart Eukalyptus Teegenuss
    Drip-free pouring.
    Integrated filter in the tilting lid.
    Glaskaraffe mit Sieb für Tee, Kaffee, Limonaden, Infused Water, Eistee, Ice Tea von eigenart Eukalyptus
    Heat protection through vegan leather cuff.
    Easy pouring - even with hot drinks.
    Easy cold drinks - with the ICE COOLER.
    Without watering down.


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    FAQ - Do you still have questions about the EVE?

    + - Can I use the EVE for both hot and cold drinks?

    Yes, because the EVE is made of borosilicate glass, an extremely heat-resistant material that can also withstand temperature fluctuations, the EVE can be used for both hot and cold drinks. Read more in our blog - What is borosilicate glass?

    + - If I pour boiling water into the EVE, won't I burn my fingers when I touch the glass?

    When the EVE is filled with hot water to prepare a hot drink, the glass also heats up. To ensure that the EVE carafe can still be touched without any problems, it has a colour-matched sleeve made of vegan imitation leather. This is closed around the carafe with a Velcro fastener. Before cleaning the glass, the sleeve can be removed and wiped with a damp cloth.

    + - What do I need the sieve for, which comes as standard with the EVE?

    The EVE is not just a pot: it is the perfect alternative to the classic teapot. The included strainer is for all coffee and tea lovers who want to prepare their drinks directly in the EVE. Thanks to the ultra-fine laser perforation of the high-quality stainless steel strainer, both coffee and tea can be brewed in the carafe. After the tea has brewed - which can also be observed wonderfully through the glass EVE - or after the coffee has finished brewing, the strainer can be removed.

    + - What is the best way to cool my drink in the EVE?

    We have developed an ICE COOLER especially for the EVE. It is filled with water (not quite full) and then placed in the freezer until it is well chilled.
    To cool the drink, simply insert the ICE COOLER. After 15 minutes at the latest, enjoy the cold drink. Ice cubes can also be used instead of the ICE COOLER. However, make sure that the liquid is filled in first and then the ice cubes.

    Do you have any questions?