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    More than
    a glass bottle - FLOWTEA is better.

    Healthy drinking pleasure from the beautiful double-walled tea brewing pot. Drinking directly from the glass bottle is absolutely recommended. Eye-catching designs round off the Every-Day product.

    Hot in the bottle - no problem for your hands. The double-walled glass protects you perfectly.
    Thick foods like smoothies or protein drinks to go? The large drinking opening makes it possible.
    Trendy neoprene in suitable colours offers protection on the go.

    This is how
    to make tea with the FLOWTEA

    Two-piece stainless steel strainer with optimal size and laser perforation for the perfect flowering of high-quality tea. Also suitable for coffee! It’s so easy with tea – just have a look!

    The matching stainless steel handle for easy transport.
    The perfect size for any handbag.
    Brilliante Farben des Designs – innen auf dem doppelwandigen Glas

    How to
    make Infused Water
    with herbs and
    fruits with the FLOWTEA

    Hot or cold drink? Fresh herbs and fruits are also suitable for healthy drinking. The two-part stainless steel strainer keeps the flavour bringers in the drinking bottle. Just have a look at our How to use for Infused Water!


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    FAQ - Do you still have questions about Flowtea?

    + - I am very active and would like to use the FLOWTEA on the road - is that possible?

    The FLOWTEA is made of borosilicate glass. It is one of the hardest types of glass there is. Nevertheless, it is glass, which is of course fragile. Even the neoprene cover that comes with it is only a limited protection.
    The handle on the lid of the FLOWTEA and also the double wall are suitable for using it on the go. However, those who are very agile on the road, who sometimes handle their bottle a little more carelessly, who want to stow it in the drink holder of the bike, etc., should take a look at our LEEZA thermal bottle.

    More about the glass used can be found in our blog: What is borosilicate glass?

    + - I am not a tea drinker - can I buy the FLOWTEA without a strainer?

    No, because our products are thoughtfully designed. The laser-perforated strainer can be used to brew coffee as well as tea. For infused water with ginger/lemon pieces or similar, only the upper part of the strainer can be used. This makes for perfect drinking pleasure - for almost all tastes.
    The FLOWTEA as a tea brewing drinking pot that can be drunk directly from is also a great drinking bottle without using the strainer.

    + - I would like to prepare tea or coffee directly with the strainer in the FLOWTEA - how can I remove the strainer afterwards without burning my fingers?

    The tea strainer has two opposing brackets that can be pressed together and by which the strainer can then be easily removed from the bottle.

    + - How can I pour my tea into the tea strainer?

    The tea strainer consists of 2 parts. The upper part can be easily unscrewed from the lower part. After filling the tea, both parts can be screwed together again. For ginger/lemon pieces etc., only the upper part of the strainer can be used. Simply fill the flavour carrier into the FLOWTEA, insert the smaller part of the strainer - this way the floating flavour carriers remain in the bottle when drinking.

    Do you have any questions?