If you’d like to try an alternative to classic porcelain, then Tonda is the perfect complement to your home.


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    TEAFAN -
    The alternative to the tea infuser

    Modern, practical and clean: for your customers’ favourite tea. Stainless steel and ceramic combined to form a special tea infuser. The floating eye-catcher in the tea cup or on the shelf.

    This is how
    to make tea with the TEAFAN

    For every glass, every mug and every cup – the TEAFAN is the modern tea egg.
    The eye-catcher at the POS and at home.

    portion of tea

    High-quality materials such as stainless steel for strainers, porcelain or ceramic for functional design beauties. The TEAEVE and the TEAFAN for cup-sized tea enjoyment.



    Discover new again and again. Every year a new collection.

    FAQ - Do you still have questions about the TEAFAN?

    + - I would like to give the TEAFAN as a gift, but I don't know exactly how it works ...

    The TEAFAN is a little eye-catcher and thus a suitable gift for all those who are looking for that special "something". First, you separate the head from the body of the geisha. A strainer is attached to the head, which can be loosened with a light pull. Now you can fill the strainer with tea and attach it to the head again. Now carefully place the head with the strainer vertically with the strainer facing downwards on the surface of the heated water. The strainer is now under water while the head floats on the water surface. After the brewing time, the TEAFAN head can be removed from the hot drink together with the strainer on the geisha's chignon.

    + - How do I get the TEAFAN head out of the hot tea water after the tea has steeped?

    The TEAFAN is designed so that the head with the chignon/hair knot always "floats" above water. The head with the strainer can therefore be easily removed from the hot drink at the chignon.

    + - How do I get the tea leaves out of the strainer after I have brewed my tea?

    First, the wet tea leaves should be allowed to cool a little in the strainer. To do this, the TEAFAN head with the tea strainer can be removed from the hot drink at the geisha's topknot and the head placed in the geisha's body to cool, so that the TEAFAN strainer disappears into the body. When the tea leaves have cooled, the strainer can be separated from the head and the strainer either simply emptied as it is, or the bottom of the strainer can also be opened at the bottom and the tea leaves pushed out with a blunt, rod-shaped object (e.g. a spoon handle, chopstick, etc.) inserted from one side.

    + - Is the TEAFAN dishwasher-safe?

    We recommend cleaning the TEAFAN by hand rather than in the dishwasher. The little geisha is also not suitable for the microwave.

    Do you have any questions?