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    EVE “Cherry Blossom”


    Kommerziell / Commercial

    The cherry blossom design of the beautifully shaped EVE glass carafe brings spring to every dining table.

    • For preparing tea or coffee
    • With removable stainless steel filter.
    • Taste-neutral and temperature-resistant borosilicate glass
    • Automatic tilt closure lid with integrated filter
    • For infused water or homemade lemonade
    • Matching vegan synthetic leather sleeve and coaster
    • Fits in almost any fridge door


    Prepare your favourite tea or coffee directly in the EVE “Cherry Blossom”. The elaborately laser-perforated stainless steel filter is for the finest grinds and coarse tea leaves. The borosilicate glass is resistant to temperature fluctuations.
    Your hands are protected from heat by the synthetic leather sleeve, which matches the colour of the cherry blossom design, and the matching coaster helps you set it down on your favourite table.
    For your infused water creations, your spritzers or lemonades, the stainless steel tilting lid with its integrated filter ensures that only the right things go into your glass.
    Or why not offer your guests a cooled iced tea or white wine: With the separately available Ice Cooler, you can cool your various drinks without watering them down.

    Set consisting of:

    • Conical glass carafe EVE “Cherry Blossom” with colourful design made of borosilicate glass
    • high-quality stainless steel filter with laser-perforated holes
    • 2-piece, drip-free spout lid with integrated filter
    • cuff/coaster made of vegan synthetic leather, colour-coordinated
    • exclusive gift box
    • Empty weight: 0.835 kg
    • Capacity: 1.25 l
    • Size: 100 x 300 mm

    Additional information

    Weight 1.70 kg
    Dimensions 100 × 300 mm

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